No Bake Cookies: gluten + dairy free

There are few cookies more addicting than these no bakes. They appeal to everyone because whether you’re an experienced baker or you struggle to boil water, you CAN make these cookies.

I always keep the ingredients for these in the cupboard so anytime we are craving something sweet – we can make these. They need cool down time, but I’ve thrown a few in the freezer to quicken the process many impatient times, and it works really well.

For the oats – be sure to use quick oats instead of old fashioned. The old fashioned oats won’t ruin the recipe, so if that’s all you have on hand, go ahead and use them. The quick oats just absorb the liquid faster, making the cookies edible much sooner!

Again, for those of us who are impatient, it’s wonderful.

This is also a great recipe to try with the kids! Let the mixture cool down a little and let them shape their own cookies. It’s be a wonderfully messy experience, and they will love it.

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