Dairy-free Cream Cheese Frosting

A simple cream cheese frosting can make all the difference on any dessert. Cupcakes, banana bread, bars, and so much more. I use this frosting on my pumpkin spice banana bread and it’s always a hit!

I prefer to use Tofutti brand cream cheese for all of my recipes. I’ve used a number of other brands, but so far, this one is my favorite. I like the texture and the flavor in sweet and savory meals.

Cream cheese frosting just hits different on two desserts, in my opinion. Pumpkin bread (or cupcakes) and carrot cake. I have a post for pumpkin spice banana bread under “desserts” that you must check out. It’s a recipe that I make year-round and it’s so easy to make. A lot of dessert loafs dry out when they are made gluten-free and this one is my favorite one I’ve ever had.

Highly recommend!

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