Quick & Easy Baked Beans

A summer BBQ staple is baked beans and this recipe is perfect! It requires very little time and effort which when prepping for guests or a potluck, the easier, the better!

With this recipe we skip the soaking that a lot of recipes call for and go straight to canned beans. If I’m bringing a side dish to a group get together I want to make a big batch of something delicious, but I want it to be simple. Because you know, life.

If you have the time to make these the night before and bring them to a get together the next day, even better! The flavors really have time to develop the longer it sits, but if you need something that is quick and ready in minutes, this is the recipe for you!

AND – if you have pulled pork on hand, you’re in for a treat. Shredded pork added into these baked beans makes it a freaking delight!

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