Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

If you, your whole family, or just some members of your family follow a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, I guarantee this will become one of your weekly staple recipes. In our house, I eat completely gluten free, dairy free, egg free (for the most part), almond free, and about 10 other things-free, due to allergies and intolerances. My husband, on the other hand, has the luxury (yes, in my world, it’s a luxury) of eating whatever he wants. This is honestly a driving force behind this blog, and my reasons for starting it. I want to create meals that are allergy-friendly, but taste good enough to serve those not affected by food issues. This casserole, hits that nail right on the head.

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This dish is the perfect display of easy weeknight meals, delicious leftovers, and fit to feed non-allergy affected crowds, all in one. Chicken and rice casserole dishes are one of my husband’s favorite meals, so I wanted to find a quick weeknight recipe that we can enjoy any day. The best part, of course, is the leftovers. I work from home so I have a little more freedom to make lunches on the fly but my husband does not so I prefer to find meals that he can easily grab in the morning and take for lunch. This is perfect for that AND it’s a great source of protein to keep him moving along all day AND calorie friendly, which is just the cherry on top.
Now, when I say calorie friendly, I mean it. We’re talking approximately 400 calories for 1/6 of the ENTIRE 9×13 pan. That’s a huge portion for 400 calories. Keeping in mind, I always round up for calories. You can also make some customization, if needed. I used an oat mix for the crumble on top of mine simply because it’s what we had in the house.

Some other toppings that work wonderfully are:
– Cornflakes that have been crushed in a zip lock bag
– Any chips/pretzels you may have in the cupboard, crushed
– Breadcrumbs

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