Baked Falafel Wrap

There’s something about a falafel wrap that puts me back on the east coast, wandering around Washington DC, a million amazing food trucks, and history for days. When I lived in Maryland I spent a lot of time in Annapolis, by the beach in Ocean City, and in Washington DC. In 9th grade my Dad took my sister and I to DC and it was my favorite trip I had been on. I had been on a handful of beach vacations but this one was history focused and it was incredible. We went through Arlington Cemetery and they had just finished the changing of the guards. It was down pouring and my Dad made us wait in the shelter under the bathrooms because we were already there, and we were waiting 50 minutes until the next changing of the guards because you don’t go that far into DC and not see it. I’m SO glad we did. Fast-forward about ten years and I lived in Maryland for a bit, I still loved wandering around Washington DC. One of the best parts? Finding a great food truck! Falafel was one of my favorite stops.

I’m always looking to lighten up these comforting recipes and of course, make them allergy friendly. I would love to eat the full-fat version of these meals every day, and I definitely do on occasion, but everything in moderation! These delicious little bites are only 49 calories each. This gluten free and dairy free falafel is also vegan! There are so many people hopping on the Meatless Monday train, and this wrap is the perfect way to start.
I made a dairy free tzatziki sauce to go with it that I’ll post about later this week. Until now, coconut hasn’t caused me any problems, but I’m pretty sure it’s starting to. A couple coconut based ice creams and now this coconut yogurt base tzatziki and my stomach has been on edge. Luckily, there are plenty of other options.

This falafel comes together quickly in your food processor, bakes in the oven, and you can add it to a wrap, a buddha bowl, or just eat them plain. Either way, they are delicious! Let me know if you give them a try and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Your support means the world to me! Have a wonderful day.

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