Raspberry Pound Cake Loaf (gluten-free, dairy-free)


I mean that. This bread was so good I divided it up and brought it to a few of my friends who eat gluten and dairy free as well. I found this recipe, in all its gluten and dairy glory, and I de-glutened and de-dairyed it. Yeah, I’m making up words now.
This is the perfect loaf to make if you are:

  • Having company over
  • Needing to bring something to a friend or family’s place
  • Wanting to make a special gluten and dairy free treat for a friend or family member
  • Your just bored during this quarantine

Making this is the perfect solution to a situation where you want to bring a dessert or breakfast loaf to a family get together but you don’t want to make two separate meals. We’ve all been there. At least I know I have. Every time we go to my Mom’s place for Sunday dinners with my entire family, my parents end up making one meal, with gluten and dairy free options. If we are having a roast with mashed potatoes and gravy there is always a normal version of the meal and a gluten-free gravy and dairy-free potatoes waiting for me. My family members have a random variety of intolerance’s as well, so my parents do everything to accommodate. Making a family dinner for everyone is already a task, but making options so I can eat without worry is beyond appreciated.

This loaf is the perfect solution. My goal with this entire blog, this entire audience, and my reason for wanting to start it, is to create gluten and dairy free options for comfort meals that taste JUST as good as the original. We all know there are meals that will never taste exactly the same, but creating versions that are just as good is exactly what I aim for when I test recipes.

Anyway – let’s get on with it! Give this a try and check out my Instagram page for a video of the creation.

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