This lasagna recipe has become a fall and winter staple in our home. The main reason: it doesn’t taste gluten or dairy free. My husband enjoys it just as much as the full gluten and dairy version. I always sprinkle a little real cheese on his though, because why sacrifice it 100% if you don’t have to!

I made the lasagna noodles from scratch but of course, you can buy the dried version of these noodles. For the lasagna noodle recipe, use the scratch made spaghetti noodle recipe under “pasta” in the links above and instead of cutting the noodles into thin pieces, just keep the layers flat and cut off the edges with a pizza cutter so it keeps a nice, rectangle shape.

No need to cook the noodles ahead of time, just place the dough in the pan within the layers and bake!
Whatever is easiest for you is always going to be best but I highly recommend trying the homemade gluten-free lasagna noodles at least once.

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