Gluten-Free Meatballs

Is there anything more versatile than the meatball? We make these meatballs almost weekly because we use them in such different ways. This recipe is a very basic gluten-free meatball recipe, then I’ll leave some recommendations below for different variations.

I love to stock up on ground beef and ground turkey when it is on sale. We are also a family of hunters so we often have a freezer full of venison meat. When I know I need to meal prep something for the week, or I just want to make a large batch of something for dinner so we have leftovers, this is my go-to recipe. I’ll pull 3 or 4 pounds of meat out of the freezer and adjust this recipe so it makes a much larger batch. Then, it’s all about variation.

If you like gravy with your meatballs, another way to try it to make the meatballs a little bit smaller and cook them in a dish full of gravy. This keeps the meatballs very moist and deliciously gravy soaked.

A few of the meatballs that we make often:

Plain – paired with mashed potatoes and vegetables

BBQ sauce – paired with rice and broccoli

Sweet and sour sauce – paired with rice, stir fry vegetables, and soy sauce

I would LOVE to hear what meatball variations you like to make at home. Comment below with your favorites! We can all add some new ideas to our recipe stash.

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