Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes

Whether it’s a holiday, a weekend, or you’re just craving mashed potatoes, you need this recipe! If you are dairy free, like myself, you already have to miss out on so many of the great holiday meal staples.

The first time I made these mashed potatoes, I didn’t tell my family they were dairy free. It was Thanksgiving and I figured they get to eat all the dishes without any repercussion, so the mashed potatoes were going to be made so I could indulge. I was surprised that not only could no one tell they were dairy free, everyone was saying how much they loved them. What a relief!

Now, I offer to make and bring these dairy free mashed potatoes to holiday meals outside our home so there’s guaranteed at least one side dish I can enjoy. I have yet to have a host not appreciate the offer to bring a side dish as well!

The cream cheese, in my opinion, is really what makes these so good. I prefer to use the Tofutti brand since it’s always stocked at my local grocery store and in comparison to other brands, I think the taste is closest to the original. There used to be an herb and chive flavor at the store I go to but I haven’t seen that in a long time so I’m not sure it’d made anymore. If you see it at your store, that is definitely great way to make the flavor of these potatoes even better.

For the butter I typically stick with Earth Balance brand. They sell tubs of this dairy free butter that I always have in the fridge. They also sell it by the stick, which I like to keep around as well for baking. I’ve tried quite a few different butter brands and this one is my favorite for easy recipes like these dairy free mashed potatoes, but also for baking recipes as well.

Dairy free milk is always a matter of opinion when it comes to a recommendation. I can’t use soy or almond milk personally, and I love cereal so I wanted to find a brand that still tasted like milk. I always have 2 bottles of Ripple unsweetened original milk in the fridge. I think it goes great with everything, and I can use it in any of my recipes, including these dairy free mashed potatoes. They also make a chocolate milk that is delicious! Not in mashed potatoes, but you know what I mean.

If you give these dairy free mashed potatoes a try, let me know below what you think. I’d love to hear what you thought and what meals you paired them up with!

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